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About Us

Meet the Team


Joy Royes is the Founder/Principal Attorney for Page Legal. Joy has over a decade of experience as an Attorney and over two decades of experience as a Consultant and Certified Compliance Professional. Joy graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and spent a few years in the Corporate/Transactional Practice of a top tier law firm. From her law firm, she moved to Washington DC  to work for the federal government and was one of the twelve attorneys responsible for the early insurance market reforms of the Affordable Care Act. She was the designer and lead Attorney for the Affordable Care Act's Insurance Compliance Program. She also holds degrees from Virginia State University (B.S.) and Wayne State University (M.S.).

Mission and Vision

Page Legal is a planning firm with a firm commitment to privacy. Privacy is generally defined as the right of an individual to control their personal information and to make decisions about who has access to it and for what purposes. In general, privacy is the individual’s right to keep his or her data to himself or herself and protect the outward flow of any data the individual decides to share.  

Information (or data) privacy involves the protection of valuable and identifiable information such as demographic data or personal data of any kind, from being freely exchanged or sold.  Data privacy involves the organizational decisions and rules that govern the collection, storage, sharing, analysis, and deletion of personal data.  Generally, data privacy is focused on the use and governance of personal data—things like putting policies in place to ensure that consumers’ personal information is being collected, shared and used in appropriate ways.  
The mission of the Page Legal Firm is to protect individuals by embedding privacy protections and promoting transparency in all organizations that handle personal information, and in their activities that involve personal information.  On the individual level, Page Legal Firm is committed to assisting people be active participants in what becomes of them and everything that they hold dear. There is nothing more private than the assignment of a person’s health or financial matters.  


It is the vision of the Page Legal Firm to serve as a leader in establishing Privacy Programs for organizations and governments responsible for protecting personal information.  We specialize in governments protecting health information privacy for their municipal residents and other stakeholders across both health and human services.  
It is also the vision of the Page Legal Law Firm that no family should enter into an unfortunate circumstance with a loved one and have to ask questions about what the loved one’s wishes are. Individuals who have worked their entire lives have the right to make decisions about what happens to them, their children, their property and other assets, while they are able to. Even where there is little to no financial estate, everyone has the right to plan for their own dignity. In addition to planning for when health has ended or is compromised, Page Legal assists individuals with planning for their present and future situations. The firm will offer pet arrangements so that clients can make arrangement for the care of their pets. We even offer Detention plans for clients who are or expect to be in a custodial situation with law enforcement agencies.

We offer corporate and transactional services for businesses who are seeking to enter into agreements. We perform operational services, such as compliance checks and review of policies and procedures. The Principal/Founder is Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance and can assist clients by drafting the appropriate documents to ensure the highest level of confidentiality around individual healthcare. For nonprofits, we offer a full evaluation of operations, policies and procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with the requirements of their grants.

We offer paymaster services, as a neutral party, to businesses who have such a need.  Page Legal offers only the services in which we have experience and competence. We do not claim to know all things, but we also do not work alone. We want to ensure that our clients have the best planning experience possible. The firm operates in a network of other small business owners who offer related services for our clients.

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Michelle Oliver consults with Page Legal as our financial advisor. Michelle Oliver brings over 20 years of experience in the financial, insurance, and marketing industries to her career as the President/Financial Advisor of The Oliver Financial Group. She has helped individuals all over the United States take control of their financial future and provides a financial legacy for their families.   She assists clients in making appropriate financial decisions by listening to their needs and educating them on their financial options. She is passionate about promoting financial literacy and enjoys helping others make positive changes for both themselves and their families. 

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