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Privacy Law Services
  • Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means making insightful decisions and taking creative paths to data protection. Our lawyers regularly counsel a wide range of clients on matters involving the confidentiality and security of the information they handle.  Our lawyers have significant experience with cutting-edge information privacy and security issues solely from a counseling and advisory perspective.  We specialize only on compliance and best practices for data management and incident preparedness; we leave the big firms to handle large scale breach and litigation matters. 

  • As a small firm, Page Legal is committed to the front-end decision making process that organizations need to prevent data breaches. We routinely advise and counsel organizations on performing  privacy focused risk assessments on how they collect, store, use, share and dispose of the information they handle. This includes privacy impact assessments, gap analysis, policy development and organizational change management related to implementation of privacy practices. We utilize and document privacy by design principles for all of our work. 

  • Page Legal’s Principal Attorney is a trained Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and a Certified Compliance Professional. We specialize in the evaluation, policy development, and performance improvement. Our Attorneys can draft policies and procedures to build a culture of compliance in an organization, based on solid principles of organizational change, management, and leadership to improve compliance. 

  • Our Privacy Risk Assessment includes a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). Our PRA is an analysis of how information is handled:
    (i) to ensure handling conforms to applicable legal, regulatory and policy requirements regarding privacy; (ii) to determine the risks and effects of collecting, maintaining and disseminating information in identifiable form in an electronic information system, and
    (iii) to examine and evaluate protections and alternative processes for handling information to mitigate potential privacy risks 

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