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What Is A Detention Plan?

A detention plan, is a planning document designed to address a person's wishes if they are detained by law enforcement (of any kind) for an extended period of time. This detention plan is recommended for individuals who are currently engaged with law enforcement or for anyone who would like to control what happens if they ever are. "Why is this necessary and how long can law enforcement hold me if I have not been charged?" is a common question. It depends. There is no firm time limit for how long you can be detained. Does the detaining officer have reasonable suspicion? Probable cause? No reason at all? "...there is no rigid time limit on an investigatory detention." United States v. Sharpe, 470 U.S. 675, 685 (1985). Investigatory detention requires reasonable suspicion. The reasonableness of the time period involved depends on the totality of the circumstances. United States v. Maltais, 403 F.3d 550, 557 (8th Cir. 2005). However, if it takes more than 30 days for law enforcement to do an investigation, what happens to your apartment? What happens to your job, your credit cards, your mortgage, and your other responsibilities? It is highly likely that beyond 30 days, detention will have an impact on your livelihood. Page Legal's detention plans offer a solution of springing powers of attorney that will permit you to make arrangements for what should happen and who should be contacted. Contact Page Legal and get yours today!!!

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